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My name is Natasha Trezebiatowski and I am a God-inspired writer, at Natasha's Talk - Journey with God. My heart's passion is revealing the unconditional love of God, and to encourage people in their personal relationship with Him. In Christ, we have complete access to the Father, in our personal and tangible relationship with Him. We live by faith from out of our love union with God, who influences our hearts and minds. I am all about your own personal, and individual relationship with God. So what He puts on my heart, I do believe and I step out in faith, trusting Him because I know His unconditional love for me, and I am in love with Him. We know love because He first loved us. (1 John 419) He knows our lives and what we need and where we are to go. When a person is In Love/ In Christ, and in love, knowing His unconditional love for them, all the heart wants to do is what is right and pleasing to God. Religion is cold, heartless, and nasty to people. Any teaching that takes away the emphasis on our personal relationship with God is religious and cold. God's love alone will transform us as we journey with Him, in love.

My hope is that all people will receive freedom, healing, and enjoyment through God's unconditional love and grace, and break free from religious bondage as they are inspired and encouraged. I believe in the unconditional love of God for ALL humans period. It is through our own individual relationship with God that our minds are renewed and we move away from walking alone in our own self-ways and ideas, and into an incredible love union with God. It is through knowing His remarkable all-consuming judgment of Love for you that will transform your life. There are so many wonderful grace and unconditional love teachers that I like to share with you on this website for you to hear and connect with as you journey with God. 

Book Formatting Services

If you have written a book and you need help to format it for ebook and print for Amazon, please contact me and I will help you. We also have services to help you with editing, proofreading, audiobooks, and writing your testimony. You are welcome to contact me to find out more at; Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! 

Please include a sample of your book along with how many words it contains, and I will respond at my earliest. 

Ministry Work

I'm a member of Don Keathley Ministries and I am currently writing for Don Keathley, to bring you many of his great revelation teachings in word format through books. 

I type Don's grace recordings and upload the articles with his video teaching to help move the grace message, for everyone to read, listen to, and enjoy. It is all to inspire people to move out of religion and find freedom in God's unconditional love. Our aim once I have transcribed Don's recordings is to create them into books along with additional teaching, and then have our gifted team members edit and proofread. All transcript articles listed on my website have not yet been edited or proofread, so you will read editing issues on the articles until we go over each one. The transcripts will not read like a book, because they are written pretty much word for word and are following Don's recorded teachings. Overall the first upload of each recording listed is in raw pre-formal condition, yet still enjoyable to read. I am really far less focused on trying to be a perfectionist and more concerned with getting God's message out there to the best of my ability. All of Don's books will be edited by professionals who have joined us on our mission.

First and foremost, my heart, passion, love, and gratitude are all to God, Christ within. God has transformed my life, I should have been physically dead many times over, my private relationship life was a train wreck till Love rescued me. His unfailing Love is my life and my focus. There is no greater inspired place to ever be than In Love.

I wholeheartedly thank Don Keathley for his super encouragement towards my writing and for his teachings that have transformed my thinking, and for being my mentor. I want to say a big thank you to Jack who was the main editor for Don's first 2 books, and to the very beautiful Clare who also contributed to proofreading and editing. We are now working with Terry who is a fabulous gifted editor, writer, and producer, and we look forward to the journey ahead with him. I try to keep the message as you hear it from Don through his teachings because I want the reader to be encouraged by his passion and in the way that Don expresses the message God gave him, and this is the same heart as our editors. I am proud to present Don Keathley's first book Hell's Illusion, and this book is a representation of his teachings on YouTube in the Hell's Illusion series, however, the book does have some extra teachings included. Don Keathley's second book Religion Busters is now available and it has been written from the Relgion Busters series on YouTube. It is available on my site and Amazon see details below. Thank you for supporting this ministry. 

You can purchase Hell's Illusion through Amazon here;


Religion Busters can be purchased on this website here for a pdf copy (lower price) Or you can purchase it from Amazon:



The Mission

The mission is all about reaching people with God's unconditional love and grace for all humans. To encourage and inspire people in the freedom of His pure unfailing Love that is unconditional through their own personal relationship with Him. To inspire people to pursue God for purpose in their life, where they will encounter Christ within the hope of glory and naturally transform through His all-consuming passionate Love. To encourage people to remain in Him where they have all the victory. When you do everything from out of His Love you will always win because Love Never Fails. (1 Corinthians 13)

 My Journey

I have a huge heart to write which stemmed from my passion to read books, which have helped me in life and especially through desperately hard times. God has ministered to me through what authors have written, which have counseled me, changed my perspective, saved my life, and made me laugh when I needed it the most. Books are incredibly helpful in life situations, especially if you are feeling alone and apart from people, or you don't want to speak to anyone about the situation. I am grateful to all the wonderful authors out there who take the time to write so they can help people. 

I enjoy being creative and 'out of the box' in anything that I do, and it's freeing to be exactly who you are in Christ. Of course, I am not perfect! I have yet to meet anyone, other than the living Spirit of Christ within, who is! Our Spirit remains untouchable, we are perfect in Him, but our thinking can still muck us about and cause trouble for us if we go back into a wrong mindset. It is a daily choice to think about God and prosper or think about our own selfish needs and wants that are contrary to what is good and right, and only leads to loss. I am on a journey with God and I am learning in Him every day. His love is my central focus and moving His message to reach people and move them out of religion and into His unfailing unconditional Love. My encounters with His all-consuming Love, when I had the revelation of Christ in me, is what compels me to share His message of love and Grace for ALL people, so they will find liberty away from man-made cold religious doctrines that are void of a personal relationship with God. I had one too many years in religious bondage of what to do and what not to do, and trying to attain some sort of approved level of God's acceptance and standards and I can say it was hell in my mind that caused a lot of fear. I know people who have had their lives torn apart by religious doctrines and the control that religion had over their lives. I know what it is like to be trapped in the horror of religion, and it is the very reason that I want to share with everyone the truth of God's unconditional Love, that will set their mind free. Love Never Fails. 1 Corinthians 13.

Previous Careers

I originally started out in retail sales, then I moved into managing roles, to then owning my own retail fashion stores, I have over 30 years in retail and wholesale sales. Once I had my encounter with God, I then completed biblical studies and I am now currently enrolled in Global Grace Seminary. I have been involved in ministry leadership for 11 years, along with entrepreneur mission work and in business development. I have done courses in counseling and I have been involved in, food care charity, owner of a Café outreach ministry, Career guidance consultant at; Jobs for Life/Christian charity, to now the ministry of writing, Christian shows, and helping people pursue the unconditional love of God that will transform their lives. 

My Encounter with God

My life changed permanently the day that I met and had an extraordinary encounter with Christ within – unconditional Love of God, you can read that in my personal testimony under the heading Encountering Love - Christ. ( my article has not currently been edited) I never had issues in my business life apart from the normal challenges. I have always enjoyed working since I was 13, however, my private life was a shamble and this is my testimony to help those who have come from a wrong identity mindset that leads to wrong choices. It all changed when I met unconditional Love. I've had a lot of great things in life, but the greatest of all are not things they are my pride and joy children who are amazing and are leading wonderful lives. I have raised them to the best of my ability, training them up in what is right to do, and I used my many years of living wrong as the perfect example. I am pleased to say, they didn't want a life as I had in the past; now that's great news Praise, God.

My testimony is about the hard side of my private life and the countless relationship trials before I had the revelation of Christ within where I completely transformed and you can read about my life from Debauchery to Christ here:


I write from Spirit-led inspiration, experience, and study. I've learned a lot through the hard school of knocks and I've been down, I know what that is like on many levels, however, with God I get back up again, I'm standing strong and walking with Christ daily. He’s certainly my strength in life and I am leading a victorious life in Him. It is a choice to think on His love or dwell in a land that is absent from love, which will be darkness. Love never Fails, focus on His love through all situations in life, and watch your world transform.

I have my amazing website developer Arthur, who is helping me and we will keep adding great grace teachings and articles and we will continue to build this site up and modify it so that the ministry can inspire and encourage everyone into grace and freedom in Christ.

Feel free to reach me at any time.

Everything listed on this website is free to share.

Take care and thank you for visiting this site and I am also located on Facebook; God No Religion https://www.facebook.com/godnoreligion


God Bless you,



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